Sound Playback Modules
Solid State Sound Playback is our speciality either as stand-alone or intelligently controlled activation.

Playback duration ranges from seconds to hours. Some modules allow the user to record and re-record their own sounds instantly, an ideal method for repetitive in-store announcements.

Our latest product uses MP3 sound files stored on a compact flash card for the playback of many hours of high quality stereo music & sound effects, with programmable interaction and looping options.

We have added sound to a vast number of products from greeting cards, talking animals, talking trees, warning and information signs, pictures, vending machines, museum /
retail displays and lifts to name but a few.

Point of Sale promotion and marketing is a growing area and we are constantly developing customised products utilising digital sound and solid state video playback.

We innovate, not imitate. Be part of our team !


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