Solid State Video
Integrated Technology are the innovators of solid state video playback to the Kiddie Ride industry and now there are hundreds of successful rides using this product.

The module, smaller than a CD case, uses Compact Flash Card technology to store MPEG video, audio files and JPEG still images. There are no moving parts, instant play on power up, no 'operating system' to crash and no loss in playback quality over time (unlike problems with VHS video, DVD players and PC’s). The module can be programmed as stand-alone or for user interaction via touch screen, push buttons or other control systems. The playback quality can match that of DVD using MPEG2 format.

There are many applications that we are involved in ranging from ‘Point of Sale’ & information kiosks, retail shops, museums, garden centres, trade shows, corporate events, & amusement rides.

The content can be updated via Flash Card replacement or USB port. The advanced version has remote update facilities via the web.

Two new additions to our range is a 7” TFT wide screen display integrated with a video player as a single module and also the above incorporating a Kiddie Ride Timer as a single cost effective solution.

We innovate, not imitate. Be part of our team !

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