Kiddie Ride Controllers
We are the market leaders for the provision of high quality Timers, sound units & interfaces for the Kiddie Ride industry.

Our electronic modules store high quality background, voice prompts & pushbutton sounds digitally. The modules also control the lighting, coin mechanisms, ride motor and interaction between users.

Various options & configurations are available to suit all rides. We carry an extensive library of over 4000 sounds & have the facility to make special background effects & voice prompts in any language.

Use our programmable coin interface when converting to an electronic coin mech, adding in bonus play levels or when a START button is required on a ride. Guaranteed to work with all makes of timers.

We also manufacture a range of electronic light chasers and flashers units, motion controllers, LED displays & power supplies.

Our products are well established for use within the licensed, themed, refurbishment & upgrade markets.

We welcome enquires about custom design & manufacture of your own products & ideas.

We innovate, not imitate. Be part of our team !

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